Wizard101 Crown Generator. It is free hack tool that generates crowns or codes for Wizard101. This awesome game is huge but to enjoy it’s full potential you need a lot of Wizard101 Crowns or Wizard101 Codes, but, earning those crowns in the game alone could be very slow and frustrating, and buying those codes for crowns for real money from Wizard101 official site is way too expensive for many players. Well that is the main reason why we developed this online Wizard101 Crown Generator. Hacking the game with our generators is very easy and safe. So if you need some extra Wizard101 codes or crown for free, activate the Wizard101 Crown Generator, collect those crowns or codes and rule the game…

Wizard101 Crown Generator

Wizard101 Crown Generator

Wizard 101 Crown Generator
Wizard101 crown generator – Wizard101 free crowns


Wizard101 Crown Generator Features

  • Generate Unlimited Wizard101 Crowns
  • Generate Unlimited Wizard101 Codes
  • Safe and Undetectable
  • Online tool – No Download needed
  • Free to use – Updated daily

Wizard101 Codes

We have added this option too, now you can get Wizard101 Codes for free – online. Since we had so many requests we made this Wizard101 Codes Generator. It generates huge list of unused codes for Wizard101. You don’t have to buy those expensive cards no more, just choose your card you wish to get codes for, activate the generator, collect your fresh codes and redeem the card to your Wizard101 account.

How to Use Wizard101 Crown Generator

Our Wizard101 Crown Generator was designed to be very easy to use so that everyone can get FREE Crowns or Free Codes. When you click the button you will be prompt to the Wizard101 Crown Generator page. Enter your Wizard101 Username, activate the generator, enter the desired amount of Crowns or choose the Wizard101 codes that you wish to generate, click the “Generate” button, sit back and let the generator do the rest.

About Our Wizard101 Crown Generator

Wizard101 Crown Generator is a free online tool, once activated it connects with one of Wizard101 servers. When the connection has established the generator can influence the game resources, that means that it can add crowns straight to your Wizard101 account completely undetected. So, if you need more free crowns click the button and generate some Wizard101 Crowns.

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